Okie Winterfest Proceeds

The Okie Winterfest has been organized not only to have a fun-filled event but to also increase revenues for businesses and non-profit organizations during this beautiful time of year. 

One of the goals of Okie Winterfest is to donate a portion of the proceeds to area non-profit organizations. We discussed several organizations but kept going back to two.  We spent some time researching the concept and purpose driving these organizations and found ourselves deeply connected to the Salvation Army of Muskogee. We feel that they are addressing real problems in our community, and because we admire the integrity and efficiency with which they use their resources to establish services and directly support their target populations, Bored Okie Events is announcing that we will support the Salvation Army in the form of a monetary donation from the proceeds generated from Okie Winterfest. 

Thank you in advance for your courage and vision. Please keep up the good work.

2023 Okie Winterfest supports: