30 Jun

When it comes to giving back to the community, Okie Winterfest and its organizer Bored Okie Events is stepping up to become a leader. We feel that giving back to the community, begins with individuals.  ‘Our society needs to re-establish a culture of caring,’ which starts with each beating heart - no matter age, gender or ethnicity. Caring is what makes us human, and caring for others is what will enable us to change the world. This is not idealism, we feel that it is simply seeing the need of a fellow human being and being prepared to help and make a meaningful difference. 

This is why on June 30th, 2023, Tobi Ledbetter of Bored Okie Events and Major Kelly Durant, the Muskogee Salvation Army Corps Officer met and discussed how a percentage of the Okie Winterfest proceeds will benefit the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army Angel Tree and Kettles will also be set up during Okie Winterfest for anyone who would like to donate directly to the Salvation Army. 

Okie Winterfest will be held on Thanksgiving weekend, November 25 - 26, 2023 at the Muskogee Civic Center, 425 Boston, Muskogee, OK. This weekend-long event will bring together the community for fun-filled activities, delicious treats, and exciting prizes. Okie Winterfest is the go to when you're looking vendors selling unique goods and services, to playing games and enjoying performances that entertain the crowd.

Okie Winterfest offers something for everyone. Spread the cheer with laughter and joy as you celebrate the winter season in style. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to connect with others and enjoy.

Join us for a festive weekend of fun and create long-lasting memories in the Oklahoma winter. 

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